"Inspiro places importance on fostering diversity and a spirit of inclusion, and emphasizes the power of creativity and innovation"

What We Offer Pride is an Amazing Feeling. Feel proud being a part of our Team

Invigorating Experience

Inspiro aims to attract the best staff talent to join its workforce, incubate their talent and nurture their ideas.

Work-Life Balance

Inspiro helps you find balance between a fulfilling career and the rest of your life. We also offer competitive benefits

Positive Environment

Whatever stage you are in, we want to be your next. Inspiro is committed to helping you achieve your potential.

Freedom To Innovate

Inspiro is a place where freedom to innovate continually extends the horizon of the possible. Change the way Education is imparted is a part of the job Description.

Respect for Diversity

Inspiro believes that working with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and points of view is a strategic advantage.

Equality & Inclusiveness

Inspiro values diversity and inclusion, and is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity. We place importance on fostering diversity and a spirit of inclusion.

What We Expect

Passionate and Dedicated

Teaching is an important, integral and well regarded profession within our community and among people from all walks of life. It is quintessential that teachers at Inspiro should abide by the guiding principles of our school and ensure that the high standards set by the school are adhered to and safeguarded. This involves a lot of Passion and Dedication from the Teachers. Inspiro envisages to provide the highest quality of Teaching and impart the most Holistic Learning experience for the students. Teachers at Inspiro are expected to cater to the all round development of the students and help them transform into wonderful Human Beings.

Affable and Adroit

Inspiro expects their teachers to have the following qualities: Affable & Adroit, Bouyant & Benevolent, Composed & Calibrated, Diligent & Dexterous. From spending enough time with young children, to helping children with special needs our teachers are expected to demonstrate maturity and care in dealing with our students. Parents put a lot of confidence in our team while admitting their students to our school which makes it our foremost responsibility to ensure the safety of their children and Teachers play an indispensable role in this endeavour.

Innovative and Creative

"Change the way Education is imparted is a part of the job Description". We expect our Teachers to innovate continually and ensure they devise new techniques to impart education to our beloved students in a way which is not only attractive but also customized to their individual needs. Inspiro strongly believes that Education should not be burden and Teachers should ensure that Teaching should be made fun and an enjoyable experience for the students. Teachers should be able to provide a healthy mix of traditional training and advanced.


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